Marion Country Club Pool Deck

We began working on the new pool deck for the Marion Country Club in the second week of April.  This project begins after weeks of design and re-design work.  The framing is done with treated lumber and the decking and hand rails will be made with Evergrain brand deck materials.

The first step is to clear the area and try to get a layout of the structure.  This was particularly challenging because of the previous uneven concrete work done long before we came on the scene.

IMG00149-20110412-1546 IMG00146-20110412-1038

It was crazy work trying to keep the deck platforms level and square while constructing on top of such a wavy surface!

IMG00150-20110412-1546 IMG00151-20110412-1547

Challenges:  1.  Build a level and square deck structure on a wavy surface.  2.  Make it wheelchair accessible.  3.  Make it useful for the club members.  4.  Make it beautiful!

No problem!


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