Marion Country Club Pool Deck, Part 2

We designed this deck for the board of the Marion Country Club.  We design or help design almost all of the decks we build.  The first major task is to frame all of the basic structure.  You have to keep in mind what posts will be used for railing so that you don’t cut one too short!

IMG00154-20110414-1601 IMG00155-20110414-1602


Once all of the framing is in place and is level and square then it is time for the decking.  On this particular deck, we are installing Evergrain Composite Decking.  This is a great product.  It is a low maintenance material which means there is no need for painting or staining.  And it comes with a 20-year limited warranty against rotting, splintering, splitting and termite damage.

IMG00159-20110419-0834 IMG00160-20110419-1528


In one of the pictures above, you can see a special design feature that we incorporated into this deck: a sitting bench that runs the full length of the pool.  It is framed and made with the same decking material as the deck above.  A Jack Home Construction and Remodeling original design.

IMG00163-20110419-1528  IMG00173-20110429-1612


A special sleeve and cap is used to cover each post.  These pieces are also Evergrain Composite decking material.

This is the hard work part where it all starts coming together!  Grunt!


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