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Welcome to the Jack Home Construction website!  If you are thinking about building a new home or remodeling your existing home and you are looking for a builder, you’ve come to the right place!  Jack Home Construction is a full service, residential construction company located in Southern Illinois.  We specialize in Custom Remodeling and New Home Construction in all of the Southern Illinois area.  

Explore our web site and find out why we are the builder for you!

Here are some reasons to start with…


A Full Service Builder and Remodeler

At Jack Home Construction, we manage all the details of your building project.


Free Estimates

Our estimates are detailed and complete.  When you receive our estimate report, you will know the cost of your project before you break ground.  Our estimate report helps you to avoid surprise costs that plague the customers of other builders.  Our goal is to build your project for you at an affordable cost that will allow you to enjoy your home.  We encourage you to share your budgetary concerns with us in order that together we can construct the ideal home or remodeling project that you are comfortable with financially.


Courteous and Professional

We are highly skilled, courteous, and friendly.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have during the building process.  We strive to maintain a high standard of professional conduct in our office and at your home.  We consider it a privilege to be allowed into your home to work and all of us purpose to respect that privilege.


1-Year Labor Warranty

We guarantee our work for one year after the completion of your project.  We are confident in the excellence of our construction!  We always use the very best construction practices in your new home or remodeling project.

We carry full liability insurance, so you can relax under our protection and just enjoy watching the construction of your new home or remodeling project.


We Stay With You Until Completion

We never leave a job unfinished.  Work on your project is constantly going on, in the field and in the office, until it is completed to your complete satisfaction.

We Stay With You Beyond Completion!

We are also there for you after completion to take care of small repairs or to provide the remodeling service that you may want in the years to come.  


Jack Home Construction
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