Arcadia Lake Boardwalk

Sometimes we are given a project where we are given some artistic license.  These are the fun ones where we get to be creative as we build.  The subject of this post is one such project.  The customer asked us to build a boardwalk down to her boathouse.  “Just don’t let it look dull and boring,” we were told.  So we designed and built a boardwalk that became the talk of the lake!

We decided to frame a deck/boardwalk that would follow the curves of the shore.  The lake side would need a handrail, the opposite side would stay low enough to the ground so a person can step off and on easily.

We also decided to create a resting area halfway down the walk, complete with a platform and benches.  Then another lookout area another third of the way down from that.

The lighting system was designed to light the walking areas in an indirect way.  All the lights are installed in the stair risers to shed the light across the deck boards.

As we were putting on the finishing touches, we started having visitors drive up from around the lake to see the completed walkway.  Even more fun was boaters puttering in close by the water just to see how the boardwalk was shaping up.

Another successful deck project built by the Jack Home Construction!

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